Artisan Chocolate Making Class

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10:00 am – 3:00 pm (1hr lunch break) Artisan Chocolate making is the Art of making Chocolates the way they have been made for hundreds of years, that is by hand.
No sophisticated machinery that are available today are involved, making it possible that both lay-people at home
as well as professionals with a heart for the basic hands-on experience can enjoy this delicious looking pieces of Art.
With this newly created class, we are teaching the basics of chocolate making all the way to the final products
of hand-made truffles and chocolate creations.

1. learn how to do the tempering of Swiss Couverture, a process necessary when working with high quality chocolate
2. learn how to cook a Ganache that will be made into “rustic” looking truffles
use nothing else than 2 spoons to finish this yummy lookig chocolates
3. learn how to prepare a Ganache to be piped on chocolate bases and coated with couverture
simple to do but looks like “Pro”.
4. learn how to make chocolate bars with roasted hazelnut
be able to apply your own creativity and come up with your own combination

16 pcs box of chocolates for you to bring home ! Terms and condition apply

Get 10% discount on all ingredients for sale in our shop on the day of attending class.

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