Bean to Bar Chocolate Making (2 Day Class)

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Bean to Bar Chocolate making Class, teaches you how to make your own Chocolate at Home, starting with the raw Cocoa Beans.
From the Roasting, Grinding and Conching we teach you the whole process, enabling you to make your own Chocolate according to your own taste.
You can decide the percentage of sugar you want to add, the time you want to need for the roasting and finally the Conching time you want to spend.
We are using a long Conching time (about 12-15 hrs) to be sure about the best quality of the final product.
That is the reason why this will be a 2 Day Class, because the machine will be continue running over night, with the tempering and moulding done on the second day.
All you need for this process (Conching), you will need a Wet Grinder, available here in Singapore.

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